Currently Recognized Organizations

HGSE Community members who are interested in viewing a list of currently recognized student organizations should access The Hub Groups page (HarvardKey login required).

Individuals outside of the HGSE Community who would like more information about any of the currently recognized student organizations listed below should contact Kevin Boehm, Director of Student Affairs at

Black Graduate Ministries
Black Student Union
Community College Advocates
Comunidad Latinx
Early Childhood Student Interest Group
Education in Emergencies
Educators for Entertainment
Experimental Teaching Studio
First Generation of HGSE
Futures of Education
Harvard International Etiquette and Protocol Club (HIEP Club)
HGSE AR/VR in Education Club
HGSE Christian Fellowship
HGSE Classical Orchestra for Charity Concert
HGSE Connect
HGSE Consulting Club
HGSE Disability and Education Organization
HGSE Disability Justice Collective
HGSE Documentaries for Dialogue
HGSE EdTech Association
HGSE Evaluation and Applied Research Networking Group
HGSE for Indian Civil Society
HGSE Gender Equity and Sexual Violence Prevention Project
HGSE Solidarity Collective for Black Lives
HGSE Workforce Development Club
Independent Schools Exploration
Language Learning Design Club
Long Story Short
Mind, Brain, and Education Journal Club
Mood Psychology
National Service Alumni Network
Neuroscience, Critical Race Theory and Educators
Pan-Asian Coalition for Education (PACE)
Product Management Club
Rural Educators Forum
SGI Buddhability Campus Club
South Asia Foundation for Education (SAFE)
Teach for Beyond
The Appian Way
The Share: An Open Mic for Artist Facilitators
Web3 Education Club
Women in EdTech
YouTube Club (Content Creators)