Student Support Services

Student Support Services works with students to coordinate accessibility and accommodations, provide emotional support, mindfulness practices, a safe space to listen, process and problem solve, and make referrals as needed to other community resources. We provide academic coaching to support students in areas such as emotional regulation, time management, planning and prioritizing, procrastination, avoidance, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, maintaining healthy boundaries, finding balance with competing priorities, tools and strategies for well-being, best practices for working in a virtual/online environment, and managing the unique stressors associated with engaging in the graduate school experience.  We also provide weekly Work Accountability Groups to hold space for students to gather and work in a supportive environment.

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I Notice/I Care Form

The I Notice/I Care Form is available to all HGSE staff, faculty, students, as well as friends and family members outside of the HGSE community who may be concerned about a HGSE student and wish to coordinate support. The form allows HGSE to:

Create a culture of personal well-being, belonging and academic success, establish

Awareness/early identification of a distressed student,

Respond with a supportive, proactive, and individualized intervention to help resolve concerning student behaviors, and

Engage with the student in a way that respects his/her/their identity and protects his/her/their privacy.