Student Business Cards

Student Business Card Guidelines

HGSE students may have business cards made for purchase that carry the HGSE name and shield, subject to the following requirements:   

  • Students should only enter the appropriate personal information regarding degree candidacy, program of study, and contact information (No affiliations, organizations, degrees, etc. should be listed).
  • Only prior degrees awarded by HGSE may appear on the HGSE business cards. No other degrees may be listed (Even if awarded by another Harvard school).
  • The student is responsible for any errors on the final card (Please note that the pdf preview option does not mean that cards have been checked for errors or that the information you have included is allowed).
  • The Office of Student Affairs reserves the right to withhold any business cards ordered with inappropriate or incorrect information. Student will be financially responsible if cards must be reprinted due to incorrect information submitted by the student. 

Note:  Student business cards with the HGSE school shield and logo may only be produced through this process. Students who create HGSE business cards with the shield and logo outside of this school-defined process are in violation of the Harvard name and trademark policy and will be subject to review by the Office of Student Affairs.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Office of Student Affairs (617) 495-8035

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