International Students

Part of Diversity and Inclusion, International Affairs at HGSE is committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Each academic year the Harvard Graduate School of Education hosts over 140 international students and scholars from different nations across the world.

Adopted in 2006, the OECD and UIS convention defines “international student” when referring to students crossing borders for the specific purpose of studying. Students who refer to themselves as “Third Culture,” often identify as international students. A third culture student is a person who grew up in one or more countries outside their passport country, and having been raised in a foreign culture, created a third culture, a mixture of the two. Also known as Global Nomads.

The Office of Student Affairs is committed to being an active resource to HGSE’s community of international students and their families. We provide programming, resources and support throughout the academic year.

The Office of Student Affairs collaborates with students, scholars and other offices throughout Harvard University to enhance the international character of our school, and to help our students build connections and share their values and stories across the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the larger Harvard community. We want to ensure that you will always feel comfortable here and call HGSE’s Office of Student Affairs your home away from home.