Welcome to the Office of Student Affairs

It may or may not be obvious what the Office of Student Affairs does at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, or what our role is with students.  Our goal from day one until Commencement is for students to be aware and take advantage of the many programs, events, and services we provide to support students in their personal, academic and professional lives.  We hope to get to know you!

The center of our work is students, and providing an environment where students can thrive, succeed and feel a sense of community.  We believe that your experience outside of the classroom is just as important as your experience inside the classroom, and that the two are interconnected.  Both are integral to your learning.   

We hope that you will engage in the multitude of co-curricular events and experiences, including the Celebration of Cultures and Identities, the Alumni of Color Conference, the Student Research Conference, Oktoberfest Pub Night, Social Justice Workshops, Equity and Inclusion Fellows Program, and Student Council.  We also work to fund and co-sponsor events led by our student organizations like Dia de Los Muertos, Black History Month Celebrations, Chinese Education Symposium, Women of Color Empowerment Series, and many more.  Participation in these organizations and activities will enhance your professional development and will allow you to build skills or enhance skills important for you to be successful in all sectors of education.

But, the Office of Student Affairs does much more for students.  Another primary responsibility we have is student advocacy – if you have any problem, issue or concern.  Life happens, often at the worst possible times.  We are here to help and support you.  If you have a medical or health issue, if you have a disability or would like to discuss an accommodation, or need a referral to one of the many professional resources on campus, a housing issue, problems with your health insurance, navigating Harvard bureaucracy, we are here to help.   

The door is always open – we are located on the 1st Floor of Gutman Library.  You don’t need a reason to stop by. We look forward to getting to know you in the coming year!

Office of Student Affairs Events