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    Welcome to the HGSE Office of Student Affairs!

Connecting with OSA

Students are encouraged to connect with staff in the Office of Student Affairs however they may feel comfortable.  For some students, this may mean stopping into the office on the first floor of Gutman Library while others may prefer a virtual meeting.  To ensure that you are still supported while completing your coursework, you are welcome to make an appointment for a virtual meeting with any member of the OSA staff via the links below or stop by the office during open hours.

Kevin Boehm - Make an Appointment
KellyAnn Robinson - Make an Appointment
Andrea Le - Make an Appointment
Lydia Hogan - Make an Appointment
Alex Galindo - Make an Appointment
Crystal Quintanilla - Make an Appointment

Upon scheduling a meeting through Calendly, the OSA staff member that you are meeting with will send you an invite for a Zoom meeting to take place at that time.  If you would prefer to meet over the phone, please indicate that when booking the appointment.

Be sure to keep up-to-date with everything that is happening at HGSE by checking the HUB.

Welcome to the Office of Student Affairs

Graduate education is both highly challenging and rewarding.  As the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), we encourage and support student success by providing a variety of support services, programs, and activities to enhance the student experience and to assist students in meeting the many demands of their personal and academic life. OSA is the primary resource on campus for students and serves as the main liaison between students and administration at HGSE. We are partners with students in the academic process, and we stand committed to student success. For more information about OSA, services, academics, and HGSE as a whole, please refer to the HGSE Student Handbook.

    Some of the programs and services we offer and support include:

    • Orientation
    • Student Events
    • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Student Support Services
    • Academic Coaching
    • Access and Accommodations 
    • Sexual & Gender-Based Harrassment
    • Commencement

      I Notice/I Care Form

      Create a culture of personal well-being, belonging and academic success

      Awareness/early identification of a distressed student

      Respond with a supportive, proactive, and individualized intervention to help resolve concerning student behaviors

      Engage with the student in a way that respects his/her/their identity and protects his/her/their privacy


      Access Recording Form

      Have you encountered an issue with accessibility during your time at HGSE? Please let us know by filling out the Access Recording Form.