Undocumented/DACAmented Student Supports

HGSE is committed to supporting students from the Undocumented/DACAmented communities.  Listed below are some resources available to all HGSE students.  For specific requests or questions, students should reach out to Alex Galindo, Assistant Director for Student Diversity Initiatives.

Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program
Advocating for immigrant justice through clinical education, legal representation, litigation, and community outreach.

Immigration Initiative at Harvard
The Immigration Initiative at Harvard (IIH) was created to advance and promote interdisciplinary scholarship, original research, and intellectual exchange among stakeholders interested in immigration policy and immigrant communities. The IIH serves as a place of convening for scholars, students, and policy leaders working on issues of immigration — and a clearinghouse for rapid response, non-partisan research and usable knowledge relevant to the media, policymakers, and community practitioners.

A student organization at HGSE whose mission is to inform educational leaders about the issues undocumented immigrants face, and to prepare them to better meet these challenges upon graduation as they come into contact with students who are undocumented or who belong to a mixed status family.