First Generation Community

You may be the first in your family but you are not the first at HGSE. Harvard considers you a first generation college student if you were the first generation of your immediate family to graduate from a four-year college or the equivalent. First Generation students as well as students from historically disenfranchised communities are an integral part of HGSE.  We work to support students who commonly "don't know what they don't know."  We aim to introduce students to the large number of possibilities and opportunities here at HGSE. 

During Orientation, we will host a welcome session and reception for First Gen Students. 

First Gen students are encouraged to attend our Faculty Panel for Research Methods, which will be confirmed in the near future. Panelists will speak about the importance of Quantitative and other research method skills for advancing academic and professional careers for students from under-represented groups.

All students are invited to participate in programming throughout the academic year focused on the needs and narrative of First Gen Students. 

Academic Support
The Bureau of Study Counsel at Harvard provides academic counseling, workshops and discussions, peer tutoring, the Harvard Course in Reading and Study Strategies, and self-help materials in the BSC’s Cranium Corner and on the website.

Below are some resources for FLIC Students
Ivy G

Mental Health Services has affinity group based counseling services

Student Life at Harvard
The Harvard College First Generation Student Union

First Generation Harvard Alumni

If you are interested in more information about the first HGSE’s FLIC Student Union contact Kevin Boehm