Program and Co-Curricular Activities

Planning a Program or Co-Curricular Activity

Whether you are planning a large meeting for colleagues or a seminar that is open to the public, designing an event that is accessible ensures the inclusion and participation of all, including persons with disabilities. 

For example, your event may require a sign language interpreter, large print handouts or simply making sure that the room you reserve is easily accessible. The Harvard University Disability Services Office provides tools to make your event more accessible.

The event sponsor is responsible for planning and  providing the accessibility needs of participants with disabilities. Planning for access in advance will optimize the opportunity for a well-planned accessible event and minimize the need to make last minute changes.

The costs associated with access are considered part of the overall expense of the event and best practice is to include the expense of any anticipated accommodations as a budget item in the planning  process.

We encourage building accessibility in on the front-end in both practice and budget, as you would catering, AV or other event needs.

If you need help in making your event accessible please email, Lydia Hogan, Program Coordinator, Student Support Services.

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