Accommodations and Accessibility

It is important to note the difference between an “Eligibility” and an “Accommodation.” An Eligibility is something you are approved to receive based on documentation and conversations with Student Support Services.   

There is no one to one correspondence of disability to accommodation.  Consideration is given to the student’s disability, history, experience, and the unique characteristics of the course, program, or requirement to determine whether a specific accommodation is reasonable. 

  1. Student completes the Disability Identification Form and submits documentation via email to Student Support Services

  2. Student Support Services reviews documentation to determine eligibility

  3. Once the eligibility for accommodations is established, Student Support Services emails student to confirm the student’s registration with Student Support Services and eligibility

  4. Student makes an appointment with Senior Associate Director of Student Support Services to review and discuss accommodations, policies and procedures

  5. Student receives Accommodation Letter by email in 3-5 business days after meeting with Dr. KellyAnn Robinson

  6.  After receiving the Accommodation Letter, student schedules a meeting with faculty and teaching fellows for each course to discuss the implementation/expectations of the accommodations in the context of each course.

    *Students with accommodations at HGSE (home school) who are cross-registered must notify the Associate Director of Student Support Services to be sure the accommodations are communicated to the host school.

In addition, for specific housing accommodations related to a disability:

  1. Follow the above steps (Fill out the Disability Identification Form and submit documentation via email to Student Support Services to review for eligibility)
  2. Fill out this Housing Form (This is different from the Harvard University Housing form, which all students applying for housing must fill out. If you are looking for accommodations in Harvard housing, please fill out both forms).
  3. Contact Dr. KellyAnn Robinson with any questions

Please keep in mind:

  • Each student's situation is unique and documentation requirements may vary by situation 
  • Documentation is essential to establishment of both the presence of a disability and the need for accommodations



Access Recording Form

Have you encountered an issue with accessibility during your time at HGSE? Please let us know by filling out the Access Recording Form.