Orientation 2022

Orientation Mission Statement

The Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Student Orientation provides students the foundation to transition to HGSE and prepare to be agents of their own learning. Orientation is the beginning to building an inclusive environment in which members  explore the educational opportunities and responsibilities present in a diverse and global community that values critical inquiry, equity, social justice  and education’s role in societal change. We invite you to use your perspectives and funds of knowledge in the contribution to this community.

Our mission is to introduce what HGSE has to offer and engage you in envisioning and planning your academic and personal journey. We aim to meet this mission by providing opportunities to:

  • WELCOME and CELEBRATE the beginning of this chapter in your educational trajectory.
  • EXPOSE you to the breadth of opportunities and resources available for your success.
  • CONNECT you to a community of learners from diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  • REFLECT on your current and future needs, goals, and development.
  • CHALLENGE yourself to new thinking and a rediscovery of your potential

While we do not aim to answer all your questions or address any anxieties you may have this week, the Office of Student Affairs at HGSE commits to support you and help you find the resources and supports you may need throughout the rest of the semester and your entire time here.