Diversity Innovation Fund (DIF)

Recognizing that students have ideas for programs or activities that would enhance HGSE's attention to diversity, the  Office of Student Affairs established the Diversity Innovation Fund (DIF) to support, with small grants, student-initiated ideas that broaden the conversation at HGSE and allow for more varied perspectives, experiences, and forums for exchange. This fund is available to HGSE students through a short proposal process

Proposal Deadlines

  • October 6th, 11:59PM (Eastern Time)
  • November 3rd, 11:59PM (Eastern Time)
  • January 12th, 11:59PM (Eastern Time
  • February 9th, 11:59PM (Eastern Time)
  • March 9th, 11:59PM (Eastern Time)

Application Process and Proposal Guidelines

Please allow up to three weeks to receive a response to a proposal. Accordingly, the scheduling of your event should take this timeline into consideration.

Proposals should be no longer than three pages, and must include the following:

  • HGSE Student(s) Name(s) and Email Address(es) 
  • Detailed description of proposed program/activity/event, including proposed date, time, location and expected attendance. Proposals must include a line item budget.
  • Statement of purpose describing how and why this activity will broaden the conversation around diversity at HGSE.
  • In the interest of broadening the conversation on diversity, proposals should clearly address how the event will engage students across programs and interests. Events must be widely publicized and open to the entire HGSE community. If space for an event is limited, at least half of the seats must be available to members of the HGSE community.
  • Activities must clearly meet the goals identified in the HGSE Diversity Outcomes and contribute to creating and sustaining organizations of equity that will lead to high quality learning for ALL students.
  • Activities must be student-initiated and have an educational component. Events that are primarily social in nature will not be funded.
  • Activities must abide by all Harvard guidance regarding COVID-19.
  • In the spirit of the Fund's key emphasis on innovative programming and activities, priority will be given in the funding of new initiatives.
  • Events must not have scheduling conflicts with other school-wide HGSE-sponsored events.
  • DIF grants may be used for speaker honoraria (payments made at the discretion of the University as a token of appreciation) for up to $300.
  • DIF grants may not be used for groceries, catering, or other food expenses.
  • DIF grants may not be used as payment for student organizers.
  • All funded activities must conclude no later than April 30th. Receipts for reimbursements and financial requests must also be turned in to the Office of Student Affairs by this date, with accompanying paperwork.

For more information contact Alex Galindo, Assistant Director of Student Diversity Initiatives.