Student Testimonials

The Office of Student Affairs at the Harvard Graduate School of Education played a significant role in reaffirming my intellectual and artistic contributions to the University. I was unafraid to be myself because OSA saw fit to lift my voice when my confidence was but a whisper. I am grateful for OSA, and their ability to dare students to be true to themselves and the students we've been called to serve.

- Donovan Livingston, Ed.M.'16 Donovan Livingston

During my year at HGSE, OSA was my go-to place for academic and emotional support — as well as candies, chocolates, warm smiles, and a sympathetic ear. It has never failed me, whether I went there with a minor housing problem or some random thoughts on students' well-being (those thoughts, by the way, would never evolve into a school-wide campaign without their encouragement and tremendous help). Big thank you to everyone at OSA: I feel so much more heard and loved as an international student because of you!

- Jiawei Cheng, Ed.M.'16 

OSA was my home away from home.  A place I always felt comfortable, could always find a willing ear to listen, and a little motivation to keep up with everything at school.  Everyone in OSA has a heart for students, and they have the knowledge and institutional memory to help me navigate the system to accomplish my goals.  OSA is perhaps the most impactful office on campus - they are there to help you celebrate success, make sense of despair, and rebound to greater heights.

- David Hay, Current Ed.L.D. Student David Hay

As a queer, first generation, Latina, the Office of Student Affairs was an invaluable space that helped me navigate so many different areas at Harvard. As a student, the staff at OSA gave me their ear when I felt most stressed and discouraged, but also gave me some key insights and resources to ensure my success. From giving me band aids to coaching me through my first office hours with a professor, OSA was my go-to haven. In my one year as a master's student, I was able to run my own affinity group, work on equity programming, be part of organizing a conference, develop my leadership skills, and most importantly, create life-long connections. I love OSA!! 

- Estefania Rodriguez, Ed.M.'16

OSA is THE CENTER of Student Life at HGSE. You can find all types of resources and information that will help you learn and grow outside of the classroom: through student activities or volunteering opportunities, OSA opens to you a golden gate to the real life where you can test and apply your educational ideal and passion. OSA staff members support you throughout the school year: I assure you will feel superbly relaxed and reenergized after picking up a piece of chocolate (or gummy bear) at the OSA front desk, and having a fantastic chat (about anything!) with our beloved Tracie, Liz, Kevin, and Alex

- Songyu Zhu, Ed.M.'15 Songyu Zhu