Student Organization Policies

All student organizations are expected to abide by the policies conveyed in the Student Activities Manual. It is the responsibility of the student organization leadership to ensure that all members of the group who will be involved in planning events are familiar with these policies. Failure to follow these policies may result in a student organization event being cancelled.


Event Planning

DO THIS FIRST: Register your event and, if applicable, apply for funding via that same link.

  • Funding requests must be submited at least two weeks in advance of the event; funding requests are reviewed every Thursday (this may affect your eligibility) so plan in advance!
  • Funds do not accumulate or roll-over; any money left after your event will go back to the Student Organizations Fund.
  • Funding is event-specific - student organizations planning multiple events that will require funding should complete multiple event registrations.
  • Expenses cannot be incurred until funding is approved; once funding is granted, ALL purchases must be made by OSA’s Office Administrator, Alex Galindo.

2. Request space in EMS (Events Reservations System) - Use this system to request space on campus.

3. Post your event on the HGSE Calendar and email event details to the HGSE Weekly Newsletter at

4. If applicable, Student Waiver Forms - this form must be completed by all student particpants and on file in the Office of Student Affairs before a student group may bring other students onto campus.