Past Organizations

2017-2018 Student Organizations

For contact information for the leadership of any of the organizations listed below, please contact Kevin Boehm. 

Accessible Philosophy Association
To reflect, celebrate, and promote the practice of philosophical reasoning and the generation of epistemological awareness in conventionally “non-academic” spaces and subjects through semi-structured dialectics, thought experiments, discussion, etc.

African Education Initiative
The African Education Initiative (AEI) is a student organization at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. It is committed to cultivating awareness around the varied educational issues spanning the African continent.

Black Graduate Ministries
Black Graduate Ministries (BGM) is a part of the Black Scholars and Professionals (BSAP) ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and consists of graduate students of African descent from across each of Harvard's graduate schools. BGM meets weekly to study God's Word and consider its application within our daily lives. BGM operates inuder the pillars of Good Food, Good People, & Good Gospel News.

Black Student Union (BSU)
To have manageable, meaningful, and empowering space for Black students in the HGSE community.

China Education Symposium
The China Education Symposium (CES) was founded in 2010 by students at Harvard and has been officially recognized by the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) ever since. Our mission is to provide a platform for students, scholars, policy makers, and frontline practitioners to come together, discuss, and support the development of education in China. Currently, we have more than 2000 members domestically and internationally and 8000 followers on social media. Our organization particularly attracts those who are passionate about and are committed to making a difference in the current educational landscape of China.

Comunidad Latinx
Comunidad Latinx reflects the student voices in the Harvard Graduate School of Education. We provide a safe space and community for Latinx students and their allies in order to promote networking opportunities, support systems, and awareness for Latinx students' heritages, future legacies, and current experiences at HGSE.
1. To provide a support network for Latinx students at HGSE
2. To network with other student organizations and faculty across Harvard.
3. To raise awareness of Latinx issues at HGSE and beyond.
4. To develop a sustainable long-term plan to further Comunidad Latinx efforts at HGSE.

EdJEWcate is the Jewish Student Alliance of HGSE. We aim to provide students with opportunities to engage in conversation on topics related to Judaism and education as well as observe Jewish holidays throughout the year.

FIERCE (Future Indigenous Educators Resisting Colonial Education)
Future Indigenous Educators Resisting Colonial Education believe in deepening and challenging our understanding of "decolonized education." As indigenous educators and indigenous allies we believe in centering our Native students' voices as one step towards decolonizing education at HGSE. Through collaboration with local tribes and tribes throughout Indian Country, we hope to foster awareness about contemporary indigenous issues.

Girls Education Initiative
Promote discussion, outreach efforts, and collective action around girls' education and empowerment issues globally. Issues of interest include limited access to schooling for girls in many countries, inadequate representation of women in school curricula, and the gender gap in STEM.

The Great Minds Forum
To interact with the great thinkers in the field of education, the people that are doing cool things. We will engage with individuals and organizations that are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the current system to get inspiration for how we can innovate in the field after HGSE.

HGSE Christian Fellowship
The HGSE Christian Fellowship is a community of students who are interested in learning more about Jesus and exploring how faith in him influences our studies. We get together on Thursday nights to share openly about our lives, pray for each other, and study the Bible. Wherever you are on your faith journey, you are welcome to join us!

HGSE Early Childhood Community
The HGSE Early Childhood Community is a space for all students interested in early childhood. We aim to engage our community in discussions about early childhood development and education, and to connect students with the resources they need to be change-makers in the field.

HGSE Mindful Educators
The purpose of the HGSE Mindful Educators student organization will be for students to (1) learn and practice the foundations of mindfulness meditation; (2) actively practice self-care during a high-stress academic period; (3) gain a deeper understanding of a practice whose presence in education today is burgeoning; and (4) cultivate a deeper sense of community as a student cohort.

HGSE One Club
To deepen the understanding of education, cultivate cross-culture conversations, and foster genuine relationships among the Harvard community and beyond, through learning, practicing, and communicating the core wisdom of Chinese philosophy, namely the innate knowing / conscience (Liangzhi 良知), the heart-mind (Xin 心), benevolence (Ren 仁), harmony (He 和), and the pursuit of "the middle way" (Zhong Yong 中庸之道 ).

HGSE Outdoors Club
To bring HGSE students, alumni, and friends of HGSE together through a shared love of the outdoors.

We hope to connect members of the HGSE community with the knowledge, skills, and friends needed to safely explore all manner of outdoor adventures.

HGSE Polyglot Circle
Language exchanges for students. We help students learn languages by practicing with other students and native speakers.

HGSE Rural Educators Alliance
We intend to create a space for students interested in rural education to discuss some of the challenges facing rural schools today and how we can utilize the tools provided to us through HGSE to be effective change makers in those spaces. Additionally, we will raise awareness throughout HGSE of the conversations around rural schools in order to ensure that all HGSE students have the knowledge of rural schools necessary in order to bring that into their future work.

HGSE Soccer Team
The HGSE soccer team will be the organized soccer team for Harvard's Graduate School of Education and will compete in the Boston Graduate Soccer League (BGSL) against other local graduate schools. The HGSE soccer team will also provide an inclusive and diverse environment where students from all programs can convene to play the beautiful game.

STEAM Team is a student-led effort to ignite communications between disparate fields in research, business and industry. Our focus is broad, but our starting point is in uniting the Arts with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

We will collaborate to create learning opportunities for our STEAM Team members, HGSE, and our community.

Higher Education Student Association (HESA)
The Higher Education Student Association (HESA) is an organization devoted to enriching the lives of students interested in higher education and reflecting on diversity and inclusion in our environment through speakers, professional development, community service, and social events.

IdEA (Independent School Educators Alliance)
To connect HGSE students who are interested in independent schools so that we can discuss issues relevant to independent school students and educators, support each other during the independent school hiring process, and connect around ways to apply what we're learning at HGSE to the independent school world.

Innovation in Education Club
To connect students with organizations, mentors, networks, research opportunities, pitch coaching, new projects and ideas related to educational technology and educational innovation in the Greater Boston area and beyond.

Latin America Education Forum (LAEF)
The mission of the Latin America Education Forum (LAEF) is to provide a collaborative space for students interested in exploring current education issues relevant to the region through study, outreach, and fieldwork. We hope to raise awareness about education in the context of Latin American societies by providing venues for discussion and resource sharing in the Harvard community.

LEAD convenes to explore the research and practice of Organizational Behavior, Personal Leadership Development, and the Teaching of Leadership.
Our three goals are:
1. To enhance our members’ knowledge & practice in these areas,
2. prepare our members for diverse careers
3. encourage ongoing professional and social cross-pollination amongst our members.

Leading for English Learners
English Learners (ELs) comprise one of the largest achievement gaps in the U.S. While English Learners have received a lot of attention recently in legislation, educators and community members know little about these policy changes and educational supports that will help this group thrive. Due to language barriers and cultural differences, EL families are often left without a voice in advocating for change. Leaders in education, therefore, need to be equipped to advocate for this group. In pursuit of preparing future leaders in education, the mission of Leading for English Learners is to lead conversations across HGSE around EL students. We advocate for equitable opportunities for ELs by opening dialogues from multiple angles, from administration to policy to teaching.

Medical Educators
The medical educators student organization will meet to share ideas regarding the future of undergraduate and graduate medical education.

MENA Ed Circle
The MENA Ed Circle is an interest group created to advance collective understanding on the state of education among populations living in and coming from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).
Events organized by the MENA Ed Circle aim at gathering experts, students and faculty at Harvard and beyond in an effort to contribute to the development of education practice, research and policy in the region.

MIXED - Multiracial Individuals eXchanging and Encouraging Dialogue
MIXED aims to provide a space of belonging for individuals who identify as mixed-race or who grew up in/currently have a multiracial family, and their allies. We aim to do so through identity exploration activities, social and networking gatherings, and contributions to the greater Harvard and Boston communities. We hope you will join us and contribute your ideas and energy to this new organization.

The Neural Network
Our mission is to build and sustain a network which connects current HGSE students with alumni, researchers, and local practitioners with a shared interest in the practical, responsible application of cognitive neuroscience to education. The Network is open to all HGSE students interested in the intersection of mind, brain, and education, regardless of experience, background or program of study.

Pan-Asian Coalition for Education (PACE)
The Pan Asian Coalition for Education (PACE) recognizes the need to address issues of education amongst students of Pan Asian descent. The purpose of PACE is to serve the local Pan Asian community, to support and develop as a community within HGSE, and to raise awareness of Pan Asian issues in education.

In recognizing a lack of Pan Asian representation and voice in the HGSE community, PACE aims to provide a positive space for Pan Asian professionals and students to come together and work towards the mission of:

  1. Building a community and professional network of support and solidarity amongst Pan Asian students and alumni
  2. Raising awareness of Pan Asian issues within education and social justice to the wider HGSE and Harvard community

For more information about PACE, email

Petey Greene HGSE
Empowering incarcerated students to achieve their own academic goals by bringing trained tutors into correctional facilities.

QueerEd's mission is fourfold:
1) to support the study of gender and sexuality by master's and doctoral students during their time at HGSE;
2) to promote awareness of issues at the intersections of sexuality and gender with race, class, ethnicity, immigrant status, ability level, and education;
3) to provide an outlet for the concerns of LGBTQ persons at HGSE
4) to build a welcoming and flourishing community for LGBTQ students and allies at HGSE

For more information about QueerEd, email Andrew Westover.

Resistance @ HGSE
Resistance @ HGSE aims to organize our collective power as students to rewrite dominant narratives and dismantle oppressive structures both within and outside of Harvard. As beneficiaries of the immense privilege of attending this university, we seek to deeply examine the intricacies of that privilege and hold our university accountable for its actions, decisions, and plans. We resolve to foster community across Harvard, leverage collective bargaining power, share and build skill sets with one another, and practice self care in our pursuit of equity.

UndocuAllies Initiative
As a group of Harvard graduate students, we came together at HGSE attempting to educate this community about the many issues affecting undocumented families. Among the most urgent issues are (1) The threat of deportation affecting the parents of children who are undocumented, legal permanent residents or American citizens (2) Unequal access to higher education for undocumented students, and (3) The possibility of Deferred Action (DACA) removal and its implications for students.

Our mission is to inform educational leaders at HGSE about the issues undocumented immigrants face, and to prepare them to better meet these challenges upon graduation as they come into contact with a student who is undocumented or who belongs to a mixed status family (where at least one member of the family is undocumented).

Women of Color Collective
The Women of Color Collective (WoCC) is a student organization at the Harvard Graduate School of Education established to provide women of color a space to develop and affirm their sense of identity and find solutions to their unique experiences during the academic year. WoCC strives to provide a support space and community that will build lasting relationships with each other and the extended Harvard network.