OSA Sponsored Conferences

Alumni of Color Conference (AOCC)

The mission of the Alumni of Color Conference (AOCC) is to inspire and impact the improvement of the education sector by annually convening alumni, students, practitioners, artists, and scholars both from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and across the nation in order to share best practices and cutting edge research on strengthening competencies of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, that pertains to people of color.

China Education Symposium (CES)

The China Education Symposium (CES) was established in 2010 by HGSE Master students. The annual symposium aims to gather practitioners, researchers, and policymakers in the field of education to present progress and share ideas. It is organized and held by students and scholars who are passionate and committed to education from Harvard University and other universities in the Great Boston area. 

Click here to access the 2022 CES website.

Latin America Education Forum (LAEF)

The Latin America Education Forum (LAEF) aims to provide a collaborative space for students interested in exploring current education issues relevant to the region. We hope to raise awareness about education in the context of Latin American societies by providing venues that foster vibrant dialogue and resource-sharing between students, educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, and policymakers in the Harvard community and beyond.

Student Research Symposium (SRS)

The Student Research Symposium (SRS) is an established fixture on the HGSE calendar: it is a unique student-led conference that offers both master’s and doctoral students an opportunity to share their research, hone their presentation skills, receive valuable feedback on their work, and find out about the research interests of their peers. In recent years, the conference has attracted a substantial number of participants from other schools.

View the SRS website for information about the 2022 sympsium.