COVID19 Emergency Fund

We all understand that the global pandemic has disrupted our professional and personal lives which for some may mean experiencing some financial hardship. If you are an HGSE degree seeking student experiencing financial hardship because of necessary and unexpected expenses due to COVID-19, you may apply for emergency funds.

Emergency funds are not meant to cover routine daily expenses that you incur regularly and are part of the standard student budget. Qualified expenses are those specifically related to circumstance changes due to the ongoing disruptions experienced due to COVID-19. These include but are not limited to:

  • Travel to attend to an ill family member with COVID-19 or any unexpected travel related to leaving an affected area
  • Unexpectedly must find short term help with school-aged children who will be attending school online (new event)
  • Need to replace computer or broadband equipment that breaks or new expenses when local conditions change so that capabilities need to be upgraded.
  • Unexpected health care expenses related to COVID-19
  • Food insecurity and basic needs due to unexpected loss of income

The following are examples of expenses that will not be considered for funding:

  • Relocation to Cambridge
  • Financial support to family members (other than legal dependents such as spouse/children)
  • Expenses already included in the standard student budget

Please click here to access the application form. We will carefully review requests and respond expediently.

Grants awarded may be up to $1,000, however, if students are experiencing hardship above this amount, they should indicate this need in the “Please provide details” field.  Applications will be considered based on the necessary and unexpected expense incurred.  

Should you have questions, concerns, or simply need to talk with a colleague as you await the funding response, know that we are here to help. Please contact Kevin Boehm, Sr. Associate Director of Student Affairs. In addition, please feel free to contact Mary Kiesling, or Maritza Hernandez, Associate Dean for Enrollment and Student Services.

A Note on Loaner Laptops:

HGSE is able to provide a temporary loaner laptop while students secure a permanent solution—loaner laptops are not meant to be used for the entirety of the academic year. We regret to inform that, due to security restrictions, HGSE cannot mail laptops internationally.

Information from the Financial Aid Office:

If you are receiving financial aid you may potentially borrow a student loan (usually a supplemental student loan) to help meet technology expenses.  You may review your student budget and financial aid package on the HGSE Student Aid Portal.   To calculate your maximum supplemental student loan eligibility subtract your total financial aid package from the student budget.  
If you choose to borrow a student loan to help meet expenses it becomes part of your financial aid package.  Your financial aid package (excluding Federal Work Study if applicable) is first applied to your directly billed charges on your student account each term- normally tuition, health insurance, and health services fees.  If your total payments (including financial aid) exceeds your directly billed charges a credit is created on your student account, and that credit is refunded to you at the start of each term- usually after the first week of classes in September.  You can then use the refund to meet costs such as technology expenses, living expenses, personal expenses, etc.  You should plan to budget your fall term refund from September to January, and your spring term refund from January to May.