Services We Offer

Build Your Access Strategy

ADS offers evaluation, referral, access technologies, information on accommodations, access strategies, testing facilities, alternate text (e.g. e-text, etc.), in addition to referral to Harvard University resources.

When you visit our office with evidence of a documented disability, we will work together with you to create a semester-by-semester access strategy. This can include arranging services and accommodations such as the following:

 • Software and hardware necessary to enable you to study including text-to-speech, screen magnifiers and other alternate formats
• Conversion of printed materials to e-text
• Adjustments of academic policy and procedure (e.g. reduced course load)
• Transportation around campus, including wheelchair and mobility scooter assistance
• Writing and organizational coaching
• Accessible housing
• Planning of clinical support and clinical referrals

Any other support you may need in order to make the most of your time here at HGSE!